Brain Tissue Donations

Brain Tissue Donations

Why are brain tissue donations important?

The brain is the most complex human organ, because it produces every thought, action, memory, emotion, and experience we have in our body. Researching with brain tissue allows us to explore all of the intricate connections inside our brains, which are often different in individuals with autism and cause those individuals with autism to experience the world around them differently than we do. Using post-mortem tissue affords researchers an opportunity to see even more of those connection differences between typical brains and brains with autism than we can see when a person is living.

Better understanding of brain anatomy means better treatment options for individuals with autism, just like understanding how to read a map means better chances of getting to an unknown destination.

We do not know what these anatomical maps will show us, but we do know there will be important milestones to admire and consider along the journey. Brain donations help us take more steps toward achieving a better quality of life for individuals with autism and we are in desperate need of such generous donations.

How do I register to be a brain tissue donor?

When you make the thoughtful decision to donate your brain tissue to autism research, you follow two easy steps:

  1. Fill out the Brain Donation Registration form, then
  2. Tell your friends and family about your commitment, so they can ensure it is followed through.

What is the time limit for a tissue donation?

Brain tissue donations must take place within 24-hours from the time of the donor’s death. Since the passing away of a loved one is emotional for families, it is important to inform them of your wishes to donate your brain tissue in-advance.