What My Autism Is


April 2nd  is World Autism Awareness Day, which kicks off Autism Awareness Month: one day short of a full awareness month because April Fool’s Day on April 1st precedes it. That awkward and unfortunate organization unintentionally mirrors the often awkward and unfortunate attributes of the disorder we are trying to educate the world about. A […]

FREE Inclusive Sports Clinics Start Sunday!

Floor Hockey - Ryan Scoobs Wade and Derek

Athletes 4 Autism was started by two college students who wanted to find a simpler approach to autism social therapies. With out-of-pocket therapies and treatments costing families $3.2 million dollars per one child with autism over their lifespan, it was clear that any simple solution needed to be equally cost-effective. We are proud to share […]

Recent Study Shows Children with Autism Viewed as Less Friendly by Peers


First impressions matter: whether you are looking at facial expressions, gestures, or just general appearance, people are quick to form judgments about others. Many researchers have studied nonverbal expressivity, or the human ability to express internal emotions or feelings without using verbal language. Facial expressions are a key form of nonverbal communication, especially in making […]

Poem: Acceptance of Autism

Acceptance of Autism  Wanting to be free Wanting to be me Trying to make people see And accept the real me Some people think my voice is too loud And that my mannerisms strike them as being odd This perception of me by others keeps me feeling blue But there are plenty of struggles in […]

Fundraising That Helps Your Autism Programs, Too!

I See You Bead

Beads for a Cause™ designs quality, cause-conscious jewelry that represent charities that are most meaningful to you. Beads like this “I See You” design symbolize a person’s commitment to autism awareness, research, education and inclusion, while a percentage of sales goes directly toward those efforts by The Autism Research Foundation. Use this bead to fundraise […]

Moving Forward by Looking Back

As our inclusion program Athletes 4 Autism gears up for an exciting 2014, I decided to take a look back at one of the first A4A events that I myself experienced firsthand. I will never forget the feeling of overwhelming pride I had not only for my school, but also for this organization. As you will read, […]

Spotlight on Lumosity: Potential Benefits for Individuals with Disorders such as ASD


If you’ve checked out Apple iTunes Store’s educational gaming category, chances are you’ve heard of Lumosity. Lumosity’s mobile app, downloaded more than 10 million times, is often located at the very top of this educational gaming category. With over 40 million members joining Lumosity.com, this “brain training” program is gaining national popularity. Lumosity was founded in […]

Poem: Fall in New England

Fall in New England Fall is such a beautiful time of year There are plenty of sites to see here Leaves with bright colors orange, yellow, and red Signaling a change that the year is near the end But fall is also a time of new beginnings It is a time to start to learn […]

Grandfather’s Age May Play a Role in Autism

Research findings suggest that a grandfather’s age may increase their grandchildren’s risk for developing autism. There has been an established correlation between paternal age and increased risk, yet this study — Autism Risk Across Generations: A Population-Based Study of Advancing Grandpaternal and Paternal Age– implies that the effect can accumulate if both father and grandfather wait to […]

10 Reasons to Donate


Hi Friends, Our online community has asked our staff to provide ten (10) reasons for why people should donate to The Autism Research Foundation this holiday season. Is it cliche to say that the hardest part of this challenge was narrowing down our reasons to such a short list? Well, it was! Here is our […]